Video Coaching Assistants

The Irish Wolfhounds invite applications to join the coaching staff in the role of Video Coaching Assistant.

We make extensive use of video analysis of training skellies, scrimmages and games to enhance and accelerate our coaching.

The role involves helping with the following steps:

  • Recording the video at training sessions
  • Cutting the raw video into separate plays
  • Adding each play video to the private website, using the WordPress CMS (or, potentially, Hudl in the near future)

We have current players and coaches that carry out these tasks, but we are unable to turn the video around quickly enough to get maximum benefit between coaching sessions. It is envisioned that 2 or 3 dedicated Video Coaching Assistants could share the bulk of this work and enable us to be able to start adding coaching comments to training plays within days of a session. This is crucial in the final training sessions before a game, which are often just a week apart.

The Video Coaching Assistants would be able to observe training drills (the video cameras are on fixed mounts and only require occasional re-positioning), and will also be able to read the coaches’ feedback, which amounts to large amount of first-hand coaching experience.

Whilst we welcome applications from any interested party, this is a role that would be ideal for an existing club coach with some technical knowledge, who is also keen to improve their coaching knowledge.

As with all positions on the hard-working Wolfhounds coaching staff, this is an unpaid, voluntary position.

To apply for this position, please fill in the contact form on this site.